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Telkom Kenya

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AcceleratED, in association with Qhala, held a Digital Transformation Workshop for Telkom Kenya. We held the workshop in November 23rd, 2022. The workshop was attended by a cross-section of Telkom employees and managers. We discussed how to future-proof their business and careers, the tech disruption, the future of work, and how to adopt the right mindset.

The workshop provided a comprehensive overview of the current technological disruption occurring in the business world and how it is impacting the future of work. Attendees learned about the importance of adopting a forward-thinking mindset in order to stay competitive in a rapidly-changing landscape.

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One key aspect of the workshop was the emphasis on the need for organizations to have a strong foundation in digital technologies and practices. The workshop covered the key components of digital DNA, such as a focus on data and analytics, a customer-centric approach, and the ability to quickly adopt and leverage new technologies. The role of leadership in driving the adoption of digital DNA within an organization was also discussed, as well as the importance of creating a culture that encourages innovation and continuous learning.

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Participants gained insights into the benefits of developing a digital DNA, including improved efficiency, enhanced customer experiences, and the ability to stay ahead of competitors. The workshop included case studies and examples of companies that have successfully integrated a digital DNA, and the impact it has had on their business.

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Overall, the message conveyed was that having a digital DNA is crucial for organizations looking to thrive in the digital age. The workshop aimed to empower attendees to embrace change and adapt to the evolving business environment in order to build a future-fit workforce.

As the business world continues to evolve at a rapid pace, it is more important than ever for organizations to stay ahead of the curve and embrace new technologies and practices. One way to do this is by attending a digital transformation workshop. AcceleratED workshops offer a comprehensive overview of the current technological disruption occurring in the business world and provide strategies for future-proofing both businesses and individual careers.

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By attending a digital transformation workshop, employers can gain valuable insights into the skills and capabilities that will be in high demand in the coming years and learn how to position themselves to take advantage of these opportunities.

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